Learn how to create professional and engaging presentations.
Our professional life is full of presentations, many of them are unfortunately not a good quality.
Learning how to deliver a high quality presentation will give you a great competitive advantage
in the business world of today.


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How to really deliver your message. Having a good idea is not enough. We need to be able to communicate it.


Complex guide "How to prepare and deliver professional presentation"

Set clear goal for the presentation (make it efficient)
Create simple and powerful structure
Engage your audience, make your presentation an interactive experience (instead of pushy, frontal)
Handle questions and difficult situations, objections and "NO" (Negotiation Essentials)
Be a confident professional speaker (essentials of non-verbal communication - hands, eye contact, body posture, owning your presence)
Create a really good PowerPoint (avoid slideuments)
Be concise and make it visual
Prepare good quality support materials for the audience and for yourself (the presenter)
Handle anxiety and stage fright, build healthy self-confidence


Intensive practice

All participants will prepare and deliver two types of presentations:
Team presentation (day 1)
Individual presentation (day 2)
And receive very rich feedback on 3 levels: video, colleagues and the trainer

Each presenter receives direct feedback on "how much they were able to achieve the goal of their presentation" (in other words how much was their presentation effective) and we discuss what was missing or worked really well.




Trainer of this workshop
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ORGANISATION of this training

Optimum setting:
Day 1=Guide and team presentation – 1 week for integration (each participant prepares individual presentation from work environment – Day 2= individual presentations with rich feedback, max. 8 participants

Other options:
1 day intensive with team presentations only; 3,5 hour inspirational workshop


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