How to stay strong under all circumstances, resist pressure, stay calm and respond in a constructive way.
Assertiveness is sometimes misunderstood and viewed as a way to be stronger than other people, achieve your goal at the expense of others.That is not assertiveness that you will learn in this training. True assertiveness is about building respectful approach in balance with clear boundaries.It is direct, honest and constructive communication; It´s breaking free from the pressure and manipulation of others.
It creates understanding, willingness and space for cooperation; better results, higher quality relationships and a sense of well-being.


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How to resist pressure in difficult conversations and respond in a constructive way.
What assertiveness is and is not

Basic understanding and characteristics through 3 stories (Frank, Denise and John)
Deeper dive – building assertive mindset

What is the basic conflict in human interactions; what holds us back from being assertive
Assertive push-back, healthy productive boundaries for productivity and relationships
3 key assertive rights and practical applications


How our body can help us in being assertive and stay strong under pressure
4 steps of assertive listening

Why listening is 50% of success in communication, how we automatically listen and why it´s not helpful
How we can do a much better job and what are the benefits

Assertive speaking

BASIC ASSERTIVENESS TECHNIQUE for daily situation (providing feedback, honestly articulating your needs etc.)
ADVANCED ASSERTIVENESS TECHNIQUES for more challenging situations

How to say "NO" without feeling guilty
How to handle criticism
How to handle manipulation


Why we need to have enough energy for this and how can we practically do it

When you are tired, no matter what you´ve learned in this training you´ll not do it (under stress we switch into survival mode, old habitual patterns)
3 practical areas, techniques and guidance how to keep our energy and attention in balance


This is a very practical training with many examples, stories and role plays. Participants learn how to find concrete words, how to work with their body in real-life live conversations with immediate feedback.




Trainer of this workshop
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ORGANISATION of this training

Optimum setting:
2 days, max. 12 participants
Other options: 1 day intensive or 3,5 hour inspirational workshop

Other options:
1 day intensive or 3,5 hour inspirational workshop



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