Learn how to do it all and still be ok :-)
Are you telling yourself that once you finish this project, you will go for a nice trip, golf game, massage, will go to visit your friends or family? Do you feel like you are working hard with your best effort and once you get to the end of your to-do-list, new tasks appear in a never-ending flow? This training is good for everybody who wants to get rid of the constant pressure, simplify life and live with better productivity and balance.


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How to get your life more under control; lower the pressure, get better organized, increase productivity and balance.


Context – the world we live in, inevitable cultural influence we face

We´ll explore important influences we face today; for example the culture of busyness and "doing", phenomenon called "compression of time", never-ending flow of distractions, paradox of choice etc. Doing more and faster is barely possible, so we have to find another way. We´ll also describe how stress (especially long-term) works, how it impacts our mind, concentration and good performance.


Holistic approach to time-management

We´ll explore 2 levels of time management that both have to be in alignment to make it all work together.


SIGNUMStop every 3 years to refresh, reconnect to your vision (practical tools and exercise)
SIGNUMStop every year to set direction for the coming year (practical coaching tool)
WHY is this important: To be able to prioritize, you need to know where you are going and why (you have a vision that is interconnected to your daily life)

SIGNUMHow to step out of your automatic behaviours, become pro-active instead of re-active
SIGNUMHow to calm your mind and concentrate better
SIGNUMHow to cultivate healthy productive habits (practical guidance for daily life)
WHY is this important: You am consciously taking daily actions to create what is important for you, you keep your focus and productivity

Barriers to good time management and how to overcome them

What is the mechanism of procrastination and 4 steps to sustainable change


Time management tools – how to organize your daily life and work


How to keep focus under pressure and maintain healthy space and balance

How to pause, push back, say "NO" if necessary
Wellness scale on daily basis, practical tips for stress management


Time management



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Optimum setting:
1 day F-F workshop with preparation ahead of time (time scan), on-line support and follow-up; up to 12 participants

Other options:
3,5 hour inspirational workshop



Mgr. Katerina Kryllova, PCC

Experienced trainer and professional certified coach. Clients appreciate her positive and kind approach and practical orientation on useful outcome.

 8900+   clients in trainings
950+   coaching sessions


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