MBTI Typology


In this interactive workshop you are going to identify your MBTI personality type and temperament.
With humour and understanding we will discuss how people differ, how we can learn from each other and how we complement in a team.
This workshop offers nice inspiration how you can grow in your own type and how you can interact with people who are on the other side of the spectrum.


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How to better understand yourself and other people;
How to communicate and cooperate with them with respect to their personality type.


What is MBTI, what are the benefits and risks of using this typology


What is your own personality type - ASSESSMENT

You´ll discover what is your type and we will dive deeper into understanding


 How to understand THE PREFERENCES - Interactive discussion about the results

We´ll go deep into exploration: What do the preferences tell us about ourselves and others (all characteristics of different preferences and temperaments are accompanied by many real-life examples and videos). How we differ, what we can learn from each other, how we can find a way to better cooperate with people on the opposite side of the spectrum, how we can grow in our own type.
extrovert - introvert (what energizes us)
sensing - intuition (how we get information from the outside world)
thinking - feeling (how we process information and how we make decisions)
judging - perceiving (our public behaviour)


How to understand THE TEMPERAMENT - Interactive discussion about the results

Guardians (characterized by their sense of obligation and responsibility)
Players (characterized by their desire for adventure, fun, action, play and freedom)
Rationalists (characterized by their desire for progress, efficiency, utility and professionalism)
Idealists (characterized by their desire to find the meaning, integrity and higher mission)


How to talk to a person from the opposite side of the spectrum

You will get into conversation with another participant from the other side of the spectrum and consciously observe how you differ and explore ways how to talk to each other with more understanding


Trainer of this workshop
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ORGANISATION of this training

Optimum setting:
1 day workshop for a team; up to 30 participants
If this workshop is delivered to a team, we make it interactive so that you can see, where your colleagues are, it´s usually a lot of fun and aha moments that create better understanding of differences.
We also create a table where you can see all team members and really understand the dynamics of the team a bit better.

Other options:
1 day workshop for people who are not together in one team; up to 30 participants;
3,5 hour inspirational workshop


Mgr. Katerina Kryllova, PCC

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