Learn how to train your mind to be more calm, present and focused. That will improve your work-performance and also quality of life and well-being.
We live in a fast-paced world with many distractions.
There is always more on our to-do-list than what fits into our time, our mind is constantly overloaded.
The result is, for example, we cannot stop thinking even when we need to (like when we want to sleep).

Mindfulness will teach you how to decrease the fluctuation of your mind, lower the tension in your body and live more in the present moment. It will teach you how to switch-off the autopilot and instead of being dragged by circumstances, consciously create your response.


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How to pause, so that you can consciously respond to any situation instead of reacting in a habitual way.

Context – The world we live in, the air we breathe
What are the trends and influences in our modern culture and what´s the impact of these trends on our performance and sense of well-being. And what can we do to make this better.


How our mind works

3 basic modes of mind (off/autopilot; mind-wandering; full presence)
Where our best performance lies, how we can train our mind thanks to neuroplasticity


The roots of mindfulness and the science behind it

Where it comes from
Some of the interesting scientific experiments and the science-based evidence of the benefits of mindfulness
(We have over 15K serious studies available now proving the benefits of mindfulness in various areas)


How you can practically train your mind through 3 pillars of mindfulness, practical techniques for each pillar

1st Pillar – Training our mind to decrease fluctuation and increase concentration
2nd Pillar – Cultivating presence through daily routine activities where the autopilot tends to take over
3rd Pillar – Cultivating important quality of attention – kind, non-judgmental attention and why it´s important


Practical applications of mindfulness in specific areas – challenging conversations and time-management

5 practical steps to mindful response in challenging conversations + role play to practice
Mindful time-management on 3 levels (strategic; yearly; daily) + practical guidance for each level


The key to success is building simple daily practice, each participate will create compass for mindful work and life




Trainer of this workshop
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ORGANISATION of this training

Optimum setting:
Day 1=Workshop – 1 week for integration (each participant chooses experiment) – Day 2= Closing, integration, individual laser coaching sessions for all participants how to apply mindfulness, max. 10 participants

Other options:
1 day intensive or 3,5 hour inspirational workshop



Mgr. Katerina Kryllova, PCC

Experienced trainer and professional certified coach. Clients appreciate her positive and kind approach and practical orientation on useful outcome.

 8900+   clients in trainings
950+   coaching sessions


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