By definition, leader is somebody whom we follow not because we have to, but because we want to.
Leader in today´s professional world has to be able to offer clear vision, personal and professional quality, needs to build strong relationships with people to engage them and make sure they deliver the business results.

This training offers you a refresh of the current view of leadership and very practical tools and guidance for your daily professional life.


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How to own your leadership role firmly and deliver good business results.


Who is a leader – definition of what it really means and identifying the entry level of each participant

We´ll define what kind of a leader we want for ourselves so that we look forward to coming to work every day. All characteristics are gathered on the flipchart in Neurological Levels format. Then we switch perspectives and talk about the fact that if we want this from our boss, our people probably want this from us. And we do the scaling – How much do we have these qualities now?


The truth about motivation (what works/does not work; where are the limits, and what are the other options we have)

We will explore what is the difference between internal and external motivation, what are the limits of the external motivation in 3rd millennium and how we can awaken the internal motivation in ourselves and in others; how to empower engagement through very practical small things that can be done on daily basis.


How to focus our energy effectively in the sphere of influence

You´ll learn to distinguish what I can/cannot control in every situation.
We´ll learn about the trap of this great technique, the learned helplessness, and the necessity to test the limits every now and then and extend your zone of influence through time.


What is the difference between "Push" and "Pull" approach; coaching as a great tool for leaders

We´ll talk about what is coaching and how it can be used in daily leadership practice. We´ll explore 2 key skills: Asking powerful questions and High quality listening with interest. Participants will get simple tool that they can start using in their work immediately.


How to create safe environment for growth and learning through constructive feedback, honest communication and approach to failures

We´ll explore why feedback is essential for growth and learning (through 4 stages of learning). We´ll learn and practice how to provide feedback in a constructive way and on an appropriate level and create safe environment for accountability and high performance; and also how to ask for feedback for yourself. We´ll explore the essence of constructive communication and why manipulation does not belong to a sustainable and healthy leadership and how do you know you´re doing it.


How to operate under pressure, overcoming obstacles, long-term high performance and sustainability

We´ll do an assessment of personal balance, you´ll get practical tools and inspirations for stress management and energy maintenance. One of the tools is a practical guide for daily hight performance and balance (The best from time mana





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