Learn how to use basic coaching skills in your daily work; how instead of pushing, you can offer your people more space and autonomy; and help them learn and grow.
Knowing and applying the basic coaching mindset, and techniques is an excellent tool for everyday leadership. It will help you maintain solution-oriented focus, empower action and increase productivity.

You will learn how to decrease the amount of advice and control and replace it with more autonomy and accountability,
and you will learn how to help people around you grow their own skills, unlock their potential and mastery.


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How to grow your people rather than control your people.


What coaching is and is not

How human brain works, why coaching is useful in our modern workplace and what it really is


5 Pillars of the coaching mindset

How to change our mindset from advice and control and develop true coaching mindset. These 5 pillars are an essential grounding for coaching conversations.


Basic structure of the coaching conversation

GROW structure – 1st experience through self-coaching; 2nd experience all participants coach the trainer
Coaching conversation is not only GROW – Exploring together the full coaching arrow – 3rd experience coaching in triads


Practical applications of coaching in your workplace, inspiration from other companies

How can coaching be used in your environment, what benefits it can bring, what are the challenges and how to work with them (for example: daily conversations with your team, meetings, feedback, coaching as a useful tool for internal mentors and trainers..)
How coaching is used in other companies – inspiration. For example, "being a good coach" was identified as the Nr.1 key skill of the best managers in Google in their 10yrs of research.


Useful coaching tools for daily leadership practice

Feedback and other conversations – Logical levels
Specification of a subject, Conversation starter – Coaching Wheel
Simple project management – Disney Strategy
Creating sustainable change – The Beckhard Formula
Stress management and balance – Energy Container
Other tools depending on the preferences of participants


Deepening practice

Demo and rich feedback




Trainer of this workshop
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ORGANISATION of this training

Optimum setting:
1 day F-2-F workshop and on-line follow-up; max 15 particpants




Mgr. Katerina Kryllova, PCC

Experienced trainer and professional certified coach. Clients appreciate her positive and kind approach and practical orientation on useful outcome.

 8900+   clients in trainings
950+   coaching sessions


We prepare tailor-made combinations of topics, or individual coaching programs: SPECIAL TAILOR-MADE TRAININGS.
Let us know what you need and we will be happy to design a program for you.